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copyright (c) 2011 Paul C. Pratt - last update 5/3/2011

Mini vMac 3.2.2


Macintosh Plus emulation, running upon :


OS X, Intel (42K)
for any Mac made after 2006

for earlier Macs:
OS X, PowerPC (46K)
OS 9 and earlier, PowerPC (44K)
OS 8 and earlier, 680x0 (41K)

Microsoft Windows (48K)

Linux, Intel (56K)

Welcome to the Mini vMac 3.2.2 alpha page. The alpha version has not been thoroughly tested, and I'm not especially requesting people to thoroughly test it, since there may still be major changes before the release of a beta version. But I would be interested in hearing about any bugs that people notice. (Except for problems with the Macintosh II emulation, which is known to be incomplete.)

The alpha version is made public so that anyone who is interested can look at it, and make comments to me before features are frozen for the beta.

For release notes and more information, see the main Mini vMac page.

At left are compiled applications for the default variation.

The Source Code (551K) allows you to compile all the variations of Mini vMac. The Building Mini vMac page gives more details.

You can verify files downloaded correctly with the MD5 Checksums (4K).

gryphel logo, 1K

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